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Entry #174

Well, I guess the legend of Marcus Terrance is back.

2013-08-27 06:09:07 by deathslayer

Do you feel the cold?

The dead, lifeless wind on your back...Does it chill you to the bones? Do the frigid waters send needles into every pore of your epidermis?

What is reality? Is reality truly the light? Or is reality the thing that is reflected from the darkness because of the light...


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2013-08-30 00:15:36

Welcome back

deathslayer responds:

I am glad to be back.


2013-10-14 02:53:14

That makes so little sense to me.

deathslayer responds:

Igottus! Old accomplice of mine, how are things?


2013-10-25 21:36:43

Are you ever, I don't know, going to respond to me? Or do you truly hate me?


2013-12-28 01:32:56

What? No harassment on Steem?

Shit, I got Albino and Wyvvern on my list.

deathslayer responds:

It's been oddly...peaceful around here.